different types of water

Water is one of the prime needs of any living species. There are different types of water available on the planet.

Pure water is essential for human life. The human body is comprising of seventy percent water. This amount of water is necessary for the survival of human life.

Water has a vital role in your body. That is why experts recommend the body need to be hydrated in spite of sweat and urination.

Water plays a vital role in flushing the bacteria out of the body and keep the balance of electrolytes.

We cannot live without this lack of color and odor elixir of life. Pure water is essential for the existence of humankind.

Water purification is one of the essential ingredients of the modern world. You can have top products of water filters here.

Types of Water For Drinking

In the atmosphere, water occurs in three forms. Water acts in a vapor form as we observe in the cloud, mist, etc.

However, the water occurs in liquid in the form of rains. Water can be in solid form as ice in glacier, snow, and frost.

Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. This combination of water is mixed with different additives due to the water cycle.

Based on different materials dissolved into the water, we can categorize the water into different categories.

01. Tap water

Tap water is the water that is available through faucet by the authority or distributor. Utility providers provide water with different pipes and arrangements.

It is commonly used for cooking, washing, and household washing. There is some regulation set by the authority. The water should meet the rules.

water tap

A recent study in the USA suggests that tap waters are safe in quality though the water carries different kinds of microorganisms, bacteria, and various contaminants.

These waters can carry different germs for diseases. That is why it is recommended to use the water filter.  You can have a look for the best water filter here.

Sometimes people tend to say tap water is safe like bottled water. But we still recommend that tap water need filters and purification system.

Water sources are significant for water supply. It is recommended to use tap water for different purposes.

Usually, tap water comes from the ground. That is why it is recommended to prevent groundwater from different kinds of contaminants.

There are some different purification techniques which can be used to purify different kinds of water.

For tap water, Aeration is adequate for groundwater handling. Similarly, other techniques such as reverse osmosis, desalination are suitable for surface water.

Water recycling is essential. Sometimes people use tap water to flush. If a recycling plant is used, then the flushing of the water can be met with recycled water.

Water recycle plants are not very costly. It is recommended to use different techniques such as water heating; water recycling needs to use in sustainable building.

02. Mineral Water

Mineral water is the water that is obtained from underground sources. The mineral water consists of different components like Manganese, calcium, and magnesium.

Not any other minerals are required for mineral water. For mineral water, no treatment is necessary.

Some treatment like ionization and Manganese removal is used in some case.

water mineral

Mineral water has some health benefits. The mineral water contains different kinds of mineral-like potassium and magnesium.

These minerals are vital to heart disease. Mineral water also reduces fat to maintain a healthy life.

To maintain heart pressure, mineral water is essential. The mineral water increases the performance of the heart to have the full functionality of your bodies.

Mineral water is also suitable for metabolisms. This unique type of water is the perfect solution for your health. Most of the mineral water is packaged in bottles.

To have adequate performance, the water is packaged in bottles. The bottled water is suitable for different usage of body shaping.

This type of water balances the electrolyte of the body to have excellent performance in your body control.

Most of the food we consume contains a lot of acids. Water is a primary type. It balances the acidity of your body to have a fully functional nutrition system.

To have a stable life, regular drinking is recommended.

Getting proper mineral water is essential. Most likely, bottled water will prevent many diseases.

But sometimes it may cause severe abdominal pain, Diarrhea, and black stool. If iron content in the water is present, then these problems will arise.

03. Rainwater

Rainwater is very important for the environment. Rain Springwater occurs due to rainwater. Rainwater harvesting can be proper storage for drinking water.

This type of water needs some refinement. The refinement of this water requires a few different kinds of treatment. Chlorine treatment is essential for this type of water.

water rain

The water contains different additives in the atmosphere. But it is straightforward to filter out the water to have optimal performance.

To take benefits from this tremendous source of water, we need to apply some modern techniques. Rainwater harvesting can be done using the following methods.

Mainly we can harvest rainwater using surface runoff harvesting and rooftop rainwater harvesting.

Surface runoff harvesting requires aquifers to collect water.

Rooftop harvesting is the most popular. In this type of water, water is collected in the rooftop.

Different necessary measurements are taken to determine the collector size of the rooftop. An essential issue for rainwater is portability.

When the rain pours in, the rainwater is collected in storage. The storage needs to transfer in different conditions to have optimal performance. The main components of harvesting are catchments.

Transportation is another significant component to transfer the water from catchment to the storage.

A most vital component for rainwater harvesting is the filter. There are different kinds of screens, like charcoal filters, sand filters, and others.

To have an adequate performance from the filter and catchment need to design carefully. This excellent feature may lead to having better results.

Rainwater can be used for groundwater recharging. There are some scientific ways to do the job with specific requirements.

04. Well Water

Well, water is the result of a groundwater lake caused by rainwater. This well water is a suitable source of water in rural areas.

Groundwater is pure with optimum minerals. Groundwater needs not to take excellent treatment to be drinkable water.

water well

People try to establish well near homes. This water can be carried easily by the groundwater.

To have sufficient performance and optimal results, you need to take appropriate measures. Well, area and type of soil need to analyze for proper operations.

05. Purified water

Purified water is the result of a treatment plant. Purified drinking water enhances the possibility of better water usage.

To have better performance, these waters are treated with a chemical, physical, and thermal conduction.

These purified waters can be used washing, flushing, and other household usages. But these arrangements have a better result in different conditions.

water purified

Most of the treatment plant will cover different kinds of pollutants to have excellent performance.

These waters are not ideally suited for drinking as it lacks chemical components.

Sustainability is key to today’s life. To have sustainability achieved in the modern industry, water reuse and recycle policy need to apply.

For a part of sustainable development, the water treatment plant is necessary.

That is why purified water is essential in today’s context. Different kinds of physical, thermal, and chemical treatments enhance the performance of water.

Things will be difficult without purified water. Sometimes the cost of purification is higher. But for a better future, these initiatives need to be taken seriously.

06. Distilled water

Distilled water originates from the reverse osmosis and distillation process. This beautiful water is produced to have optimal performances.

Solar desalination is one of the active water purification systems. In this process, solar thermal energy is used to separate different salt and minerals from water to produce distilled water.

water filtered

Distill water can be used in different applications. This type of water is not suitable for drinking water.

In distilled water, the minerals are absent. That is why water reduces drinking quality.

07. Sparkling water

Sparkling water can be generated from different kinds of water like tap water, mineral water, and groundwater.

This type of water is used in a restaurant. Sparkling water is made by adding carbon dioxide in the water. The quality of the water can be improved by adding additives.

water sparkling

To have superior performance and excellent quality drink, carbon dioxide needs to be used proportionately.

This sparkling water is not a very healthy item to drink. Though it has tremendous appeal, we need to ensure a limited intake of the sparkling water.

Final verdict

In this review, we try to elaborate on a different type of water and its sources. Water is essential in our life.

Rainwater harvesting and different kinds of purified water need to get attention from all the stakeholders.

The sources of drinking water are shrinking daily. That is why, for life, more water types and sources need to explore.