If you haven’t been hiking, the phrase “mountain trekking” probably doesn’t ring a bell. Or you think of bearded, rugged athletes who can climb rocks in the pouring rain all day, sleep on the ground, and stretch a can of stew for a week once we have written about the main fears and misconceptions of beginner tourists. Now Yurovskiy will tell you where to go to the mountains for a beginner so that your first acquaintance with hiking goes well.

Day Trips

Short outings are an easy way to “try on” hiking or mountain hiking and see the beautiful places of the home region. Even while on vacation in another city or country, you can arrange a day trip to the outdoors. You’ll enjoy the scenery, try your hand at it, and return to the benefits of civilization in the evening.

Among the obvious pluses of this format is saving time, money, and effort for an organization – check the site. You don’t need to “cut” a vacation. A couple of weekends will suffice. A day trip will require less special expensive equipment. There is no question of finding a place to stay overnight or drawing up a food package. The whole family can go camping for the weekend, taking a child and a dog with them.


You don’t have to immediately go to the mountaintops. There are tens of walking routes for beginners in the Elbrus Region. You may stay at camping sites, alpine camps, or, if you want more comfort, rent a bed in a hostel or a hotel room. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of Mount Elbrus and the Greater Caucasus Range.

You can come here to rest at any time of the year. In winter, the Elbrus Mountains are no less beautiful than in summer. But remember that the weather in the mountains is capricious and deceptive. Therefore, warm clothes should be taken even for a short walk.

The Alps

These mountains are a firmly entrenched image of the main destination for skiers. The Alpine range lies on the territory of several countries:

  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Liechtenstein
  • Monaco
  • Slovenia

Coming here is recommended even if you don’t ski or snowboard. Enterprising Europeans have figured out how to attract hikers. The system of routes is arranged so that you can enjoy a “wild” recreation, not to the detriment of convenience. It is impossible to get lost here because each trail is marked, and at the entrance, you can get tourist booklets. For comfortable overnight stays, there are guest houses, chalets, and campsites. 


Surprisingly, in this harsh, remote region, there are easy routes for beginners. You can visit one of the “home” volcanoes on a day trip. The residents of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky call the Avacha group “home.” It consists of Koryaksky, Kozelsky, Vilyuchinsky, and Avacha volcanoes.

To see the beauty of the eastern part of Russia, you will have to make a 9-hour flight and then bravely fight the jetlag. In Kamchatka, you will be rewarded with Martian volcanic landscapes, relaxation in hot springs, and a sea of delicious fish and caviar.


The main “chip” of the mountains of Kazakhstan is their transport accessibility. Only 30 km separate the capital of the country, Almaty city, and surrounding trekking routes. It takes half an hour by bus or cab to get to the slopes of the Tien Shan. In winter, snowboarders and skiers come to the slopes of Chimbulak. In summer, vacationers explore the surroundings from observation platforms.

Russian citizens do not need a visa or passport to enter Kazakhstan. You only need to fill out a migration card upon arrival. Most locals speak fluent Russian. They will be happy to show oriental hospitality, so don’t refuse an invitation for a home-cooked meal.

Multi-day treks

Finally, you are ready for the “real” long trek. You are advised to begin with simple treks in areas not too far away from civilization. It makes sense to think about throwing some food to lighten the initial weight of the rucksack.

To participate in trekking, you need special equipment. Part of the equipment is easier to rent, the rest – to buy in sports stores, ask friends. Here we wrote about how much it costs to go to the mountains for the first time.

Impressions from the campaign depending on how you prepare for it. Even if you’ve been on one-day tours before, we promise that you will remember your first “adult” route for a long time!

The Himalayas

A large part of Nepal is occupied by the Himalayan range. The mountains here are literally visible from your window. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists fly into the country to hike the mountain trails to fulfill the daring dreams of climbing to the peaks.

To Nepal for the first time

Beginning hikers need to remember that almost all routes are in the high-altitude zone. In order not to let the “mountain sickness” spoil your vacation, you need to take time to acclimatize. Hire a porter, so you will earn several bonuses at once: you will give a job to locals and ease your trip.


The island is known among tourists for its mild climate, clean beaches, and plenty of easy trails. The main Cypriot attractions (Cape Greco, Avakas Gorge, and Aphrodite Beach) can be reached without backpacking. In addition to hiking in the mountains, here we offer diving, snorkeling, seeing the monuments of antiquity, taste Mediterranean cuisine.

Altai and the Urals

Altai trails are not so simple, but good physical preparation will allow a beginner to cope with them. You will see turquoise lakes (Shavlinskiye, Multinskiye) and glittering glaciers on the slopes of the willful Belukha, and you will drive along the famous Chuiskiy Trakt. Day trips on the routes will help you to relax and enjoy nature without rushing.

Taganai National Park, which is located in the southern part of the Ural Mountains, is perfect for your first multi-day hike. You can find log cabins here, which are heated in winter. After a busy day of hiking, you can take a bath in a Russian bathhouse.

When going on your first trek, remember that even experienced hikers start small. Soberly assess the forces, take a responsible attitude to the preparation, and collect enough information about the chosen direction. And soon, you will be able to go to Fany, Khibiny, Baikal, Sakhalin, and other places that are cooler than the most fashionable hotel.