Adopting a pet sounds great but it is a little bit complicated process as to which pet should be adopted. Most people prefer pet dogs owing to their compassion, loyalty, and warmness. The fact to be stated, dogs are awesome pets and fit in well with the family. Pet dogs become the best playmates of kids, ideal walk partners for older people, and a great companion overall for the entire family.

But, the real task is to select a pet dog that you think is ideal for your family and you can take care of it very well! Each pet dog breed has its own needs and habits, some don’t mind being restricted to a wooden dog kennel while others are more freedom-loving. Your choice of a pet dog will depend on your temperament and space availability.

Pet Dog Breeds

There are many different breeds of pet dogs and each breed has its distinct characteristics. Based on health, personality, and behavior, top dog breeds are as followed:

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States owing to its friendliness, patience, and adaptable nature. The dogs belonging to this breed are extremely versatile, possess the ability to perform multiple tasks like hunting, showing, tracking, dock diving, etc. Their obedience makes them stand out among the other breeds. The dogs are very playful and easy going with the children. These high spirited labs are very active and keen to follow guidelines. These furry companions need brushing and proper grooming every weekend.


The most distinctive, popular yet scary breed is Bulldog. Most youngsters are keen to adopt and nurture bulldogs. This breed is extremely loyal and very adaptable to multiple atmospheres. Though these dogs look scary they are actually happy to go lucky companions and love to spend time with family. The Bulldogs are calm, daring, and bold yet friendly, dignified, and amusing.

These dogs are different from others in a way that they are not very active like other dogs instead they stay dignified and composed, but you need to take them on walks regularly. Though their appearance is a bit scary, they are very flexible that they can be trained easily. Also, they are quite compatible with children and other dogs.


If you are looking for cute, tiny and easy to handle pet dog breeds, then Beagles are the ones! Dogs belonging to the Beagle breed are short and intelligent, have a compact size, and easy to care for coat. They make an excellent family pet dog.

Their merry, joyful, friendly, and curious personality traits make them adorable. Besides, they are very energetic, vocal, spontaneous, and responsive. These pets will need your constant attention but they’ll also lift up your mood! If there are kids in the family, beagles will play with them and keep them busy.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers is the breed of medium-sized, golden furry pet dogs. This is quite a versatile dog breed with a beautiful appearance. The Golden Retrievers are very intelligent and their agreeable personality has made this breed widely known, acceptable, and recognizable among the other breeds of pet dogs.

Apart from their intelligence, other significant attributes of this breed include loyalty and devotion. These dogs mingle very quickly with children and other dogs. Their activity and energy level is so high that you need to make them exercise daily. However, they need occasional grooming. Unlike other pet dogs, they are easy to keep as they only bark when there is a need; you don’t need to worry about your neighbors’ complaints.


This is a very interesting breeding of pet dogs. There is this phrase, “Multum in Parvo” that is used to describe Pugs. It means “A lot of dog in a small space”; Pug is a small dog but it does not require any coddling whereas, its roguish face quickly makes out its way into the hearts of children, women, and men In fact, this dog has a special affection for children. No matter how small your apartment or home is, Pug makes itself comfortable and show adaption towards any situation.

The Pugs are very loving and charming but there is their mischievous side too when they act a bit naughty. Their strong legs and curious nature make them exercise regularly. You need to groom and brush their furs on weekly basis.


When left with other dogs and or children, you need to supervise Pugs.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is an outstanding and prominent breed of pet dogs. The breed became popular in the 18th century and that too via media like Big Red. If yours is an active family, then these Irish dogs are appropriate pet animals owing to their training flexibility and active outgoing nature. These dogs love to spend time outdoors while all their energy is being consumed in outdoor playful activities! They’ll make you run behind them and play with them, but their sweet nature makes the entire family love them.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon is known for its hearty, mindful, and active companionship. Brussels thrives for interaction, activity, and mental stimulation. They are not only active but also fun-loving, spunky, and playful. Their small size makes them good apartment dwellers.

When you bring a Griffon in the house, you actually bring a walk companion with whom your daily morning walks become more active.

Like other pet dogs, the Griffs also get along very well with the family but there is a need for constant supervision when left with children and other dogs.

French Bulldog

It is one of the most popular breeds of small dogs in the world. Their easy-going and adaptable nature makes this breed appropriate for families.

The French bulldogs are very playful, smart, and adaptable but as compared to other dogs they are not very active. They are easygoing and calm in nature. If you have kids or other pet dogs in your family then French dogs are a great option because they are not only good with children but also with other dogs. They get adjusted easily in large houses as well as small flats, so keeping them is not a big fuss.

Now that you know the most prominent characteristics of different pet dog breeds, you can now select a breed that you think will adjust and accommodate well with you, your personality, and your family.