The living room is the heart of a home! It is a space that makes one feel comfortable and fancy at the same time owing to its warmth and décor. Without any doubt, it is a super stressful process to decorate the living room with the appropriate combination of interior design and furniture. But, it does not end here, the overall look of the living room must be according to the homies’ choices and preferences!

You may choose a specific theme for your living room décor, paint, and interior but furniture is what everyone gets stuck at! It should be stylish, comfortable, portable, modern and on top of all, it should be affordable as per your budget. After all, who doesn’t want to nail down an overwhelming look of the living room that leaves the guests in a state of awe! This blog is all about your concerns regarding the choice of the appropriate furniture for your living room.

The vibe is Important!

In the very first place, you need to ask yourself and make a rough sketch of how exactly you want your living room to look like. You need to determine the spaces and corners where you could place the furniture. The next thing you must do is to determine the pattern and combination of colors, textures, and shapes. If you get successful in identifying the exact picture of your living room, you can easily shortlist and extract the major parts of your style inspiration reference pictures and then you can eventually replicate your living room with exact details.

Now, you need to build that vibe that cheers you up. For this, you just need to pick and combine stuff that contributes towards that vibe. Soft fabrics, warm colors, and lamps that impart gentle illumination are perfect for a cozy and lived-in vibe. However, for an elevated yet minimal look of the living room, you can go for accessories and furniture that have clean, sharp lines and that adds up to the virtual interest of your living room.

Get a Focal Object and Build Around!

You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to put in your passion and enthusiasm. Start looking for some statement pieces that stand out and attract you and then you can build your room around that outstanding stylish piece. It can be a rug or center table or a built-in shelf with expressive colors, or a white TV cabinet. Afterward, it gets easier to find furniture and accessories that correspond with the focal piece’s color and style. For example, if the center piece in your living room is loud and bright, you can round out space with subtle and modern furniture, while abstract art paintings on walls would do wonders!

It’s not just paint and furniture, but other accessories like paintings, wall arts, artwork, statement pieces, cozy pillows, warm cushions, etc. are needed to impart the perfect look to your living room.

Experiment with Colors

It’s all about colors! The right blend of colors not only lifts up your mood but also imparts positivity. You need to formulate and then work out the appropriate color scheme that just fits according to your mood and vibe. For a mod, mid-century vibe, you can have your furniture painted with a pair of neutral colors like white and beige or brown. Whereas, for a cool appearance, you must pick your furniture in tones of blue or green to impart calmness to the living room. However, for a warm, personal, and cozy feeling, furniture in tones of red or orange works best!

Most people stress out about matching the furniture with a color scheme, while actually it just needs mindfulness to correspond the furniture with a color scheme. Instead of matching, look across the color wheel and pick furniture in such color tones that balance the color of the room. Neutral colors should be used to balance bright paint, while bold colored furniture is perfect for a vibrant appearance. It’s actually the game of contrasting and mixing colors.

Look around for Appealing Storage Pieces

Living room furniture is not restricted to a sofa set, center table, and couches. To add more, you can add fancy pots and shelves. Whereas, stylish storage pieces or shelves (built-in or portable) literally put life to the overall look of your living room. In fact, these furniture pieces actually become the center of attraction!

Small yet elegant looking storage pieces can be placed at the side walls to lighten up space; the fun part is that such storage pieces seamlessly tuck away all the clutter so that your space always looks neat!

For a more extravagant look, you can have a storage shelf built-in the central wall. It will not only serve the purpose of storage but you can use the central space to serve the purpose of the gallery. There is nothing fancy, just fit in all the books on the shelves and use the drawers for stuff like remote, notebooks, pens, etc. It is the central part that you need to work on! You can have the borders designed around the central gallery part. Beautiful photo frames, subtle timepieces, scented candles, and other accessories could be placed in the gallery.

Space Configuration

You might have a list of furniture that you want to place in your living room, but the execution solely depends on the space configuration. A conventional sofa set can be placed in accordance with the central wall but for a corner sofa or armchair, a corner with a side wall or window is essential. If you are thinking to place pots and plants in the corner and there is limited space, then you need to skip that idea because a couch or chair in the corner is important for comfort. Similarly, a small table is workable too in a limited or small space.

There are endless choices in the market and infinite style inspiration over Instagram for a perfect living room, but you just need to execute the version that comforts you and is workable for you!