Comparing moving company quotes can easily leave you feeling frustrated. Every company in Manhattan will quote differently based on your individual needs for your move of home/office, as well as the services they provide. There are some key factors to note when comparing moving company quotes and choosing the best Manhattan moving and storage company. It is not only the end price that matters, but how the end price is calculated and what it includes/excludes.

First, let’s take a look at what factors would influence your quotation:

  • the size of your move/distance traveled;
  • dates of your move;
  • location and whether it is easily reachable (e.g., stairs/ elevator);
  • insurance;
  • storage fees;
  • additional services / requirements;
  • materials required for your move.

Knowing the factors that can influence your move quotations will give you better guidelines on what could be adjusted to better suit your budget and your relocation needs. However, certain aspects would not be easy to adjust as it means it would require you to do some of the tasks yourself on move day. 

It is usually best to receive at least three quotes from reputable companies and then compare them once all have been received. Let’s now take a look at how you can compare the quotes you have received from various service providers.

Compare service levels

Before even looking at the quote, compare the service received from each company. How friendly were they? Did they provide the quote efficiently and within the promised time frame? Did they ask all the right questions to ensure that all aspects of your move will be covered? What it has been like dealing with the company from the start will give you an indication as to whether you will have a good/bad experience.

Compare reviews

Research and compare reviews on each company. Listening to what their previous customers are saying about them can easily tell you a lot about what your experience may or may not be like. 

Do some research

Doing research on each company will assist in deciding whether they are a reputable company and if they have a good track record. There are many scams out there these days, and researching the company that could possibly be handling valuable items from your home/business would be highly beneficial to your peace of mind and reassure you of the safety of your belongings. 

Compare estimates

Does the company offer in-person estimates? This is an important factor in preventing any hidden costs that may occur. An in-person estimate will provide you with a more detailed and accurate quotation. A binding moving estimate will give an estimate of what it will cost in terms of the distance and weight of your move. A non-binding estimate will calculate an estimate based on what they feel the distance and weight of your move will be. There could be extra costs that occur. A binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate will allow you to pay less should your goods weigh less than anticipated. 

Compare rates

Comparing the end rates and what is included/excluded in these rates. If you find that something is missing from one of the quotes, perhaps it is not a true indication of the end charge based on the services you require. You may need to consider quotes that are slightly out of budget but provide all the services you require. This is why it is important to not only compare the end rate but also to look at what is included/excluded in those rates and how they got to the end total. Be aware of rates that come in much lower than others, and this could be an indication that the company is not legitimate or could be a scam.

Take note of insurance options offered

What gives you peace of mind when moving is the safety of your belongings and what the loss/damage policy is within the company you choose. Comparing this when looking at quotes could end up saving you a lot of stress, time, and money if you choose the provider with the best insurance option. Although these problems don’t arise with every move, you want to be sure you are covered should you run into any bad luck on move day.

Confirm licensing

Compare the licensing of each service provider and ensure that the one you choose has all the right licensing in place. This is very important to ensure you are dealing with a professional and legitimate company. 

These are some of the top points to consider when comparing your quotes from moving companies. Be sure to have all your requirements included in your quotes, look out for hidden costs, and keep your eyes open for the scams / illegitimate companies that might be trying to give you a run for your money. Following these guidelines will help you to choose the right provider to suit your individual needs when moving your home/business premises.