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Converting a room into a home office can be a fun task. Knowing that you’ll have your own separate working space that will allow you to give your best performance can really help your daily motivation. However, you may be stumped on how best to heat the space. Do you go for radiators, fan heaters, or even underfloor heating? To help solve your dilemma, we’ve put together this handy guide so you can pick the best heater for your office conversion.

Underfloor Heating

Some people use underfloor heating as a secondary heating method in their home, but it could be enough to heat your office if the room’s quite small. Underfloor heating is perfect for those rooms without much wall space as their fitted discreetly beneath the floor. These can also be great if your office conversion is in the back garden as the floor will be a lot closer to the ground than your house, which sits on lots of different layers.


There are lots of different types of radiators available now, and there will be at least one that will work for your space. Even if you don’t have a lot of space on the walls, you can still go for a radiator. Just opt for something like a column radiator that’s tall and narrow. Not only does it fit small spaces well, but it also provides heat from top to bottom throughout the room. You could even go for electric radiators and program them to come on when you get up so that your office is heated before you even step foot inside.

Oil Heaters

An interesting form of heating not many people consider is an oil heater. As their name suggests, they heat up oil within the radiator and are brilliant at retaining their heat. Due to their slow cooldown time, you could have it on for a few hours, and then once it’s warm enough, switch it off, and the heat will slowly dissipate throughout the day. They also make no noise at all, which is perfect for when you’re trying to focus or attending virtual meetings.

Infrared Heaters

Another unique type of heater is an infrared one—these work by emitting warmth and transferring it to things around them that have a lower temperature. The type of heat feels different from regular radiators too. It can feel more radiant and warm, like the sun on your skin, rather than a burning hot type of heat. These heaters are perfect for heating larger rooms, too, as they only target areas that are colder, which also makes them more efficient. Unlike a space heater, they don’t push out hot air. Instead, they work with the humidity in the air to emit longer-lasting heat.

Choosing the right heater will depend on multiple factors. If your office is fairly large, you may need more than one heater, but you might be able to reduce the number if it’s small. Similarly, if your office conversion has been built in addition to your home and it’s sitting outside, you might need a more powerful heater to counteract the outdoor elements. You may find that you need a combination of the different heaters to really give you the type of warmth you need. Make sure you take your time when choosing, and don’t be afraid to try something new. You’ll soon be well on your way to having a toasty office conversion.